Tehran Yunus Emre Institute Organizes the "Iran in the Footsteps of Evliya Çelebi" Program

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In Iran, Tehran Yunus Emre Institute (YEE), organized the seminar "Iran in the Footsteps of Evliya Çelebi" with the presentation of Muş Alparslan University Faculty Member Assoc. Professor Dr. Murat Alanoğlu who continues his studies in Tehran.

At the seminar on February 18, 2024, beside Türkiye's Ambassador to Tehran Professor Hicabi Kırlangıç, Iranian students, history lovers and Turkish citizens, a presentation was made about the life of Evliya Çelebi and the Iranian cities he described in his book "Seyahatname".

Stating that they were at YEI for a nice activity and said, “We tried to understand Evliya Çelebi. We thank our teacher very much.” said Ambassador Kırlangıç, who participated in the program.

Stating that Evliya Çelebi was an important traveler who visited the Ottoman geography and some regions outside it, Kırlangıç used the following expressşons: “He is a world-class personality. He visited some cities of Iran, especially the western and northern parts. I think this program will be an important page in Yunus Emre Institute's activities.”

Thanking the officials who contributed to the program and said, "Together with a distinguished community, we will try to read and understand Evliya Çelebi's impressions in Iran, based on his text." Kırlangıç said.

Murat Alanoğlu, who presented the seminar, stated that Evliya Çelebi is one of the greatest treasures of Turkish culture and said, "We have prepared a 6-month program at Yunus Emre Institute for Iranian students and Iranian researchers to follow and be interested in Evliya Çelebi." said.

Alanoğlu stated that they will try to understand and interpret with the participants which cities Evliya Çelebi visited and what he talked about, through regular monthly readings, and used the following expressions:

“As a result of this program, which we can call a seminar series, we will understand what the Iranian world was like in the mind of Evliya Çelebi, an Ottoman intellectual, how it was shaped and the cultural structure of Iran. I think it will be a useful program for the listeners.” he said.

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