Turkish is on the Way to Becoming the Most Preferred Language in Indonesia

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Following the work of Jakarta Yunus Emre Institute, elective Turkish lessons will be given to a total of 9 thousand students in 12 schools, both public and private, in Indonesia.

Jakarta Yunus Emre Institute continues to reach all corners of Indonesia and organize a wide range of Turkish teaching activities, increasing its sustainable collaborations with Indonesia's important and well-established educational institutions.

As of this year, Turkish elective courses will begin to be given to a total of 9 thousand students in 12 of Jakarta's most important public and well-established private schools. In the schools where the “My Choice is Turkish” project will start, the important elements of Turkish culture will first be introduced and the curiosity of Indonesian young people about Türkiye and Turkish will be satisfied.

Jakarta YEI's Goal for Turkish to Become the Most Preferred Language in Indonesia

Jakarta Yunus Emre Institute Director Dr. Cemal Şahin stated that their goal this year is to make Turkish the first most preferred language in Indonesia's primary and secondary education institutions.

Şahin said that there is an incredible interest in Türkiye and Turkish culture in the Indonesian society, and that Yunus Emre Institute is trying to respond to this demand of the Indonesian society by adding new activities every day to meet this interest, and at this point, he thanked Ambassador Professor Talip Küçükcan for his support.

Şahin emphasized that the most important reasons for the Indonesian society's intense interest in Turkish and Turkish culture are the Ottoman-Indonesia relations, increasing political and economic relations, and the influence of Turkish TV series in the region.

Stating that there is a serious demand for Turkish not only in primary and secondary education institutions but also in Indonesian universities and important government institutions, Şahin stated that they will soon announce that Turkish corners will be opened in both well-established universities and state institutions.

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